Water Pressure Regulators

Water Pressure Regulators

Water pressure regulators provide the first line of defense against high water pressure in your home or office, and should be checked every year to ensure they are still working properly. We are happy to check your water pressure for you, free of charge

Water Pressure Guage

Pressures over 75 psi create a high risk of damage to your plumbing system. High water pressure is a major cause of burst pipes and hoses, dripping faucets and shower valves, failed toilet valves, and leaking shut-off valves in your sink cabinets. A lot of little repairs here and there really add up over time, not to mention the wasted water. Trust us, we know!

Floods caused by high water pressure are devastating , and disrupts regular, every day living. Don’t become a victim to the damage that high water pressure can cause. Our high-quality water pressure regulators start at just $375 installed, and includes all parts and labor to complete the job. Most people spend more money than that on their coffee every year!

Water Pressure Regulator

Water pressure regulators protect your plumbing system against costly repairs and waste, and are building code required in California. And, in some cases, insurance companies won’t cover the cost of damage if a pressure regulator isn’t installed.

We are happy to perform a water pressure check on your home or office at no charge. Just click the HERE to fill out our easy, online Service Request form. Select “Complimentary Water Pressure Check” in the drop-down menu, and hit Submit. It’s that easy, we’ll take care of the rest. Of course, you could always click below to call us now, we’d love to hear from you!

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