Shower Valve Repair

Shower Valve Repair

Our plumbers have extensive knowledge, training, and are equipped to inspect and complete your shower valve repair quickly, and with as little disruption as possible. This is why we are your trusted, licensed plumber with the best solution for your shower valve needs.

Shower Valve Repair

Leaking shower valves are usually a result of a failed cartridge. But, did you know that leaking shower valves and drippy shower heads could mean you also have high water pressure? We check the water pressure on every job we do, so we can be sure your new repair will last for years to come. Go with a professional that gets to the source of the problem.

At Encinitas Plumbing, we know that leaking shower valves and drippy shower heads are a pain. That constant drip, drip, drip…how annoying! Don’t put up with it another minute. We have access to an extensive inventory of brand-name shower valves and repair parts. We stock many right on our trucks! This means repairs and replacements can be completed quickly, professionally, and for a reasonable price.

Shower Valve Repair Parts

Encinitas Plumbing is a local plumber you can trust when it comes to shower valve repairs and replacement. We’ve done hundreds of them, and we’ve pretty much seen it all. Whether it’s your master bath shower valve, secondary bathroom tub and shower, or outdoor shower, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done!

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